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Anybody slog throgh the Thomas Ferguson book, "Golden Mean, " with the investment theory of politics? Univ. of Chicago Press, I think, Ferguson with Joel Rogers, co-wrote "Right Turn, " published by Pantheon, after Reagan was elected, and had a piece (???) in another anthology with Thomas Edsall, John Judis, Sidney Blumenthal, after 1980, also published by Pantheon. Rogers is New Party, no? Anyone studied under, Ferguson?

And these FEC filings, and looking at the Sec. of State, soft money website in California, is fascinating. Carl Lindner gave 50K, right before the Ca. primary to the anti-gay marriage, Knight Initiative. Some hangun manufacturer in the Northeast, changed the 2nd word in their corporate name, and just gave a briefcase of dough to Dubya. Punch your zip code, or place of employment in, look at how many "housewives" of CEO's give the max to bundle that campaign cash. A local Log Cabin Republican here in S.F., Chris Bowman, gave 1K to George Dubya Bush, months ago. Fool. Like the lawyer at Pillsbury, Madison, Sutro, one of our big law firms, that gave to Lamar Alexander...lots....this campaign cycle. Hope he got one of those red, L.L. Bean plaid shirts that had, Lamar! printed somewhere on it.

Michael Pugliese

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*************************************************************** 4. New Soft Money

Some of the national party soft money accounts reported their soft money receipts for February 2000. We have listed below the $25,000+ donations into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the Republican national Committee (RNC), and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). The other soft money accounts of the national parties will report later. Because of these inconsistent covering periods one should be cautious in comparing donors and their donations to a particular party.

Highlights: * Joseph C Canizarro of New Orleans tops the new donors at $240,000. * Seven other individuals and six corporations came in with $100,000 or more. * Three other individuals and eighteen other corporations donated between $50,000 and $99,999. One of those, Richard Scaife, donates $75,000 and lists himself as publisher, Greensburgh Tribune Review. * NRA moves $76,000.


Joseph C Canizarro, New Orleans, LA (CEO, Columbus Properties) $240,000 to RNC 2/2 Larry Addington, Ashland, KY $100,000 to NRSC 2/29 Mrs. Marilynn M. Berry, New Carlisle, OH $100,000 to RNC 2/9 Donald M. Koll, Newport Beach, CA $100,000 to RNC 2/22 H. Gary Morse, Lady Lake, FL (CEO, the Villages) $100,000 to RNC 2/29 Mr. A Jerrold Perenchio, Los Angeles, CA $100,000 to RNC 2/11 James J Shinn, Darien, CT $100,000 to RNC 2/9 Mrs. Patti Gerber, Lake Forest, IL (retired) $-100,000 to RNC 2/1; $50,000 to RNC 2/1 Richard M Scaife, Pittsburgh, PA (publisher, Greensburgh Tribune Review) $75,000 to RNC 2/22 Larry Mizel, Denver, CO (Chr. MDC Holdings) $50,000 to RNC 2/11 Bruce M. Waldack, Alexandria, VA (Digital Nation) $50,000 to RNC 2/22; $5,000 to RNC 2/11 John G. Bowes, San Francisco, CA (Chr, Kransco Inc) $40,000 to RNC 2/16 Ms. Christine J Toretti, Indiana, PA (Pres, SW Jack Drilling Co) $40,000 to RNC 2/22 Gary M. Cocola, Fresno, CA $25,000 to RNC 2/9 Helen E. Krieble, Marlborough, CT $25,000 to RNC 2/11 Thomas W Wathen, Santa Barbara, CA (retired) $25,000 to RNC 2/9 Agnes Williams, Potomac, MD $50,000 to DSCC 2/17

US West Inc, Engelwood, CO $125,000 to RNC 2/29 First USA Bank, Wilmington, DE $100,000 to RNC 2/16 National Assn of Home Builders, Washington, DC $100,000 to RNC 2/29; $15,000 to NRSC 2/7 Pfizer Inc, Schaumburg, IL $100,000 to RNC 2/11 Waste Management Inc, Houston, TX $100,000 to RNC 2/29 CWA-COPE, Washington, DC $100,000 to DSCC 2/8

NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Fairfax, VA $25,000 to RNC 2/3; $50,000 to RNC 2/9; $1,000 to RNC 2/9 Huizenga Holdings Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL $75,000 to RNC 2/22 American Express, Washington, DC $60,000 to NRSC 2/16; $15,000 to RNC 2/16 AT&T, Chicago, IL $50,000 to RNC 2/11; $20,000 to DSCC 2/3 US Airways, Arlington, VA $50,000(in kind) to RNC 2/1; $15,000(in kind) to RNC 2/10 Northern Telecom Co, Washington, DC $50,000 to DSCC 2/15; $10,000 to RNC 2/24 Metabolife Intl, San Diego, CA $55,000 to NRSC 2/25 Vitas Healthcare Corp, Washington, DC $50,000 to DSCC 2/15 Florida Crystals Corp, Washington, DC $50,000 to DSCC2/17 Prudential Insurance Co, Washington, DC $50,000 to DSCC 2/16 Brown & Williamson, Louisville, KY $50,000 to NRSC 2/28 GI Holdings, Wayne, NJ $50,000 to NRSC 2/18 Microsoft, Redmond, WA $10,000 to RNC 2/3; $40,000 to RNC 2/16 Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur, IL $50,000 to RNC 2/24 Edison Intl, Rosemead, CA $50,000 to DSCC 2/3 Blum Capital Partners, San Francisco, CA $50,000 to DSCC 2/4 Chevron Corp, Washington, DC $50,000 to DSCC 2/24 American Airlines, Washington, DC $50,000 to DSCC 2/15

Akin Gump Strauss Hour, Washington, DC $25,000 to NRSC 2/14 SBC Communications, Washington, DC $25,000 to NRSC 2/22 Tyco Intl, Washington, DC $25,000 to NRSC 2/3 Westinghouse Electric, Pittsburgh, PA $25,000 to NRSC 2/18 Boeing Co, Arlington, VA $25,000 to RNC 2/22; $15,000 to RNC 2/22 Allegheny Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA $40,000 to RNC 2/24 Ameri Choice Health Svcs, Inc, Vienna, VA $25,000 to RNC 2/9 American Intl Group, NY, NY $25,000 to RNC 2/9 American Specialty Health Plans, San Diego, CA $25,000 to RNC 2/9; $6,250 to NRSC 2/23 CIGNA, Hartford, CT $40,000 to RNC 2/16 National Assn of Chain Drug Stores, Alexandria, VA $30,000 to DSCC 2/11 Kmart Corp, Troy, MI $40,000 to RNC 2/22 Novartis Finance Corp, NY, NY $20,000 to RNC 2/11 Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp, East Hanover, NJ $40,000 to RNC 2/11 Metabolic Intl, Austin, TX $45,000 to DSCC 2/11 Aventis Pasteur, Washington, DC $25,000 to NRSC 2/18; $15,000 to RNC 2/24 Blank Rome Comiskey & McCauley, Philadelphia, PA $25,000 to RNC 2/16 Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA $25,000 to RNC 2/29; $5,000 to DSCC 2/3; $1,000 to RNC 2/22; $4,000 to RNC 2/11 Credit Union National Assn, Madison, WI $25,000 to RNC 2/24; $1,000 to DSCC 2/4 Dominion Resources, Richmond, VA $25,000 to RNC 2/11 Sunoco Inc, Philadelphia, PA $25,000 to RNC 2/16 Midamerican Energy Holdings Co, Washington, DC $30,000 to DSCC 2/3 Dow Chemical Co, Midland, MI $25,000 to RNC 2/11 HD Vest Financial Services, Irving, TX $40,000 to RNC 2/22 Haworth Inc, Holland, MI $25,000 to RNC 2/11 J.M. Family Enterprises, Deerfield Beach, FL $10,000 to RNC 2/9; $20,000 to RNC 2/16; $15,000 to RNC 2/11; $20,000 to DSCC 2/8 Reliastar Financial Corp, Minneapolis, MN $25,000 to RNC 2/16 SBC Management Services, Topeka, KS $35,000 to RNC 2/9 Union Pacific Corp, Washington, DC $45,000 to RNC 2/22 Unisys Corp, Bismarck, ND $25,000 to RNC 2/16 Oracle Corp, Washington, DC $25,000 to DSCC 2/4 Steel Service Institute, Alexandria, VA $30,000 to DSCC 2/8; $15,000 to NRSC 2/10 Freddie Mac, Washington, DC $25,000 to RNC 2/22 Thirty-O-Seven Inc, Beverly Hills, CA $25,000 to DSCC 2/11 BellSouth, Washington, DC $25,000 to DSCC 2/15 Union Pacific Corp, Washington, DC $30,000 to DSCC 2/17 Fannie Mae, Washington, DC $15,000 to RNC 2/16; $15,000 to DSCC 2/8 Parson Brinckerhoff Group, NY, NY $25,000 to RNC 2/22

Soft Money Lite: While reviewing long lists of soft money donors one often seeks to find a lighter side to the usual soft money donor names. Here are a few that we will enter into our Soft Money Lite list:

A Look To Remember Plastic Surgery Just A Warehouse Stylin' Tatto Art of Eating Trees-N-Us

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