5th columnist

Chris Doss itschris13 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 24 12:36:59 PST 2000

Maybe they recruited you as a sleeper while you were working on Wall St., kind of like the Viet-Cong did with McCain. ;)

>Gotta love that HCKL:
>>As for Doug Henwood, he is nothing but a intellectual Fifth Columnist
>>whose sole function is to co-opt the US intellectual left into being
>>another tool of the oppressive establishment. His weapon is post-modern
>>sophistication, twisting simple oppression into a parlor game of
>>paradoxical debate. We are supposed to appreciate as evidence of the
>>benefits of free of speech from Henwood's quoting Mein Kampt in the WSJ?
>>Enemy soldiers deserve to be treated by rules governing prisoners of
>>war, but Fifth Columnists deserve summary intellectual execution.
>Or as Comrade Stalin said, for some people, four walls are three too many.

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