working class civil society (wasRe: Class Ceiling--Ehrenreich)

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Sat Mar 25 00:28:42 PST 2000

Kelley wrote:

> angela and chaz both ref marx in their attempt to claim that
> their diametically opposed arguments are more in line with marx.

I plead insanity. I thought that posting something wherein the fat guy had something kind of interesting to say about the arguments for censorship, deployed in this instance by people who claim to have a direct line to him, might have prompted something like, I dunno, either a reconsideration of that position on censorship, or at the very least, the dropping of the I'm-a-real-marxist, this-is-not-a-marxist-list clubhouse handshake every time they want to argue for that position. What was I thinking?

Angela _________

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