Becoming stateless

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Mar 25 10:15:45 PST 2000

JC Helary wrote:

>Maybe it is silly but I thought the first alienation comes from being made
>a 'national' at birth. I just read things on the status os stateless
>persons on the un page and thought if all the persons who want to live
>abroad first become stateless they actually are less hasseled and benefit
>from more protection than 'normal' foreigners. In practice it might not be
>the case though, any info about that.
>As far as I'm concerned, I was seriously thinking of canceling my french
>nationality a while ago and my staying in Japan has only reinforced this
>intention. Do any of you know groups or activist that work in this
>direction ???

Well you can always apply for a NSK passport <>, though since they're pals of Zizek's, you run the risk of being denouced by Comrade Cox.


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