Melancholy Spectacle (was Re: Congratulations on Doug's counterspin appearance)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sat Mar 25 15:30:10 PST 2000

Carrol wrote:

>We have the melancholy spectable on marxism and on lbo that
>on each a first-rate political intelligence abases itself by admiration
>for an intellectual and political nonentity: I mean Lou's attachment to
>Henry, Doug's attachment to Zizek.

Look, Carrol, how many third-rate apolitical posts your performative provocation has launched both on LBO-talk & Marxism! More than twenty-eight! As acting chair of the Curmudgeon Tendency, I issue an executive order to confine remarks on Doug's & Lou's love of Zizek & Henry to our offlist gossipmongering, effective immediately. You know folks on LBO-talk & Marxism have no sense of irony -- beyond belief, past redemption. :)

Doug says:
>Hmm, "spectable"? I think we have some analytic material here,
>Carrol. Do you want to talk about it?

On the keyboard, V stands between C and B. Between utter Chaos and rigid Bureaucracy, there lies the democratic path toward Victory; however, in the twilight of late capitalism, V has become a vanishing mediator, a spectral signifier of arrested dialectic, mired in melancholic ambivalence of C & B.

hasta la victoria siempre,


[Caveat Emptor: This post is produced by the Postmodernism Generator.]

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