Child Support & Welfare Reform (was RE: working class civil society)

kelley kwalker2 at
Sun Mar 26 16:52:27 PST 2000

>*How many* fathers of kids on welfare make 32K, have the family income of
>70K, and a house worth 85K??? That's what I'd like to know. Empirical
>stats please.

well, thanks to child support enforcement, very few. in those situations, they make sure that men cough up the lousy 5200$/year plus pro rata childcare. with that and 10k as a fulltime adjunct we can live quite well, thank you.

did you miss the part about how most people can't get TANF or what?

child support enforcement isn't about welfare. the feminist movement to insist that men pay did not have anything to do with welfare initially. it had to do with making sure that men took care of the children they brought into the world and for keeping women out of poverty--which doesn't mean you collect welfare. that is NOT the issue re child support enforcement. child support enforcement is for ALL women and children regardless of how much they make. got that?


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