convenient b.s. for apathy and pessimism

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Mar 26 17:48:13 PST 2000

kelley wrote:

> should be made

By whom? How will they get the power to make the provisions. When you talk about change you have to use active verbs or you are merely talking to hear the tinkle of your own voice. You don't have to convince me that such provisions would work. All sorts of things including pure communism would/will work if they can be brought about.

Power! Kelley, Power! And that has to be built -- and it doesn't make any difference whether the goal is socialism or a school crossing sign, just showing the need won't help -- no one will listen to you until you build a political force.

The more long (and totally convincing) arguments you write showing that fathers should be made to pay child support the more you also convince me that you aren't serious politically. Forget the need and the justice of it. I agree. Show me how the force to put it through is to be generated. I don't think it can be. I don't think you can get women organized on this basis. If you can, I'll say I was wrong. It is a worthy goal, as is the destruction of imperialism or the eradication of cancer -- but like those goals not a goal that can be won by showing that it is a worthy goal.

Get down to organizing arguments by the second paragraph or I'm not interested in reading an encylopedia to find the crucial material hidden away someplace in the middle.


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