Mansfield, Ohio

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Mon Mar 27 05:49:12 PST 2000

I think you mean the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firemarms) agency. AFT is American Federation of Teachers.

-Andy English

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>Yesterday at least 6000 Steelworkers and other unionists gathered in
>Mansfield, Ohio in a show support for the locked out and scabbed upon
>members of USWA Local 169.
>Mansfield is a small out of the way Ohio industrial city. Mansfield is
>not near any major media center and for this reason the violent actions
>of AK Steel Corp. have not been getting the scrutiny they deserve. AK
>Steel Corp. has committed violence on the community of Mansfield by
>introducing scabs into a labor dispute. AK Steel Corp. has committed
>violence on the community of Mansfield by introducing a high-tech, well
>trained so-called security agency run by a former(?) CIA agent into a
>labor dispute.
>For all of you past, present, and future federal officials get
>this...the AFT and the FBI have been getting really chummy with AK Steel
>Corporation. According to our sources, a top local cop, The AFT and The
>FBI have been getting together with AK Steel Corp. management everyday
>for lunch! I wonder whose paying for these lunches? Is this part of
>the old boy AFT-FBI-CIA federal police network?

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