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Justin wrote:
>As for our awful immigration laws, Ia m highly aware of these, but please
>note what I wrote: you cannot be denied acess to a lawyer to protect the
>rights you have. Immigrant noncitizerns have a different legal status with
>respect to remaining in the country than citizens, but even there, not beinga
>ble to afford a lawyer to protect the derisory rights nonresident aliens
>have puts them in no different boat than poor citizens.
>I will note that there is one exception to the rule that aliens and citizens
>are pretty much treated equally well or badly by US law that I can think of,
>there may be others. The Antiterrorsim and Effective Death Penatlyu Act (I
>believe) provides for secret evidence, i.e., evidence that a defendant cannot
>confront and rebut, in certain sorts of terrorism cases involving aliens.

In relation to the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, I saw the following posting on Leninist-International. Yoshie

***** Date: 28 Mar 00 09:06:08 MST From: Abu Nasr <abu-nasr at> To: leninist-international at Subject: L-I: FBI harasses Muslims in Dallas, USA

Dear Comrades!

I am sending along below the latest in a series of postings from a Muslim group in Dallas, Texas, USA, that has been protesting the local newspaper, the Dallas Morning News. The Muslim group maintains -- with extensive evidence on their website whose address is:

-- that the Dallas Morning News has been consistently publishing articles regarding the local community that allege or imply links between them and international "terrorism." Obviously this in itself can be dangerous for Muslims who are no less potential victims of racial and ethnic violence than any of the other minorities in the United States.

In response, the Muslim group has organised demonstrations once or twice every week in front of the Dallas Morning News offices.

Related to this is the fact that the Dallas Morning News launched a campaign several years ago targetting a locally based Muslim charitable institution, the Holy Land Foundation, that sends aid to Palestinians. The newspaper claimed that the Holy Land Foundation was linked to the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", an allegation for which they get repeated confirmations from the Zionist government, an establishment not at all interested in the welfare of Palestinians.

Now, as can be seen from the latest posting copied below, the FBI has apparently teamed up with the "private" newspaper in causing trouble for the local Muslim community. The case has serious political and social implications that go well beyond the Muslim community of the Dallas, Texas, area and so I thought it would be worth our while as progressives to have a look at this.

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

Report from Dallas Muslims follows:

Is The Dallas Morning News behind an anti-Muslim FBI agenda? Recent FBI visits reveal possible links to The Dallas Morning News (Monday, March 27, 2000)

Various Muslim community members are reporting surprise visits from the FBI, and at least one visit focused on the rallies in front of The Dallas Morning News.

One community member was recently paid a visit by the FBI at his home as early as 6:30 a.m. The community member turned the FBI away, telling them if they wanted to talk, to come to his place of business. When the FBI agents showed up, one of the topics they questioned this community member about was the rally in front of The Dallas Morning News.

Isn't the Dallas police in charge of security outside The Dallas Morning News during our rallies?

Why is the FBI questioning Muslim community members about our perfectly legal protest?

Reports from the Muslim community are showing evidence of harassment and "intimidation tactics" from the FBI agents and INS agents (believed to actually be FBI agents posing as INS agents). These agents are visiting Muslims' homes at strange hours, either very late in the evening or very early in the morning, and asking them questions about activities in the community, to include activities in local Mosques!

Some visits are simple "scare" tactics. One recent visit was paid to a single female's home late in the evening, about 10:30 p.m. She refused to open the door and told them to meet her at her workplace. When they came, they asked her if she ever worked for a terrorist organization! They sited an "anonymous" phone call that was on record from a previous employer.

"Anonymous" seems to be getting as popular with the FBI as it is with The Dallas Morning News.

Other reports from Muslim community members include INS agents (believed to actually be FBI agents) hand-delivering deportation letters to members and telling them that their immigration status could be "fixed" or "secured" if they "cooperate" with the FBI.

"Cooperate" on what? Why is the FBI targeting Muslims? Is there a new policy in the FBI to target Muslims and Muslim organizations? Has the FBI succumb to the anti-Muslim rhetoric of The Dallas Morning News? Why is the FBI trying to "blackmail" or "threaten" local Muslims into providing evidence that does not exist against our members and organizations? When did INS begin hand-delivering deportation letters?

One of the agents posing as an INS agent left a business card (which was printed on a blank card like the ones available in packs of 350 from Office Depot). When this community member showed this card to another community member, the later member pulled from his files a card from the same was an FBI business card!

Isn't the FBI supposed to be in the business of protecting the United States of America? Recent evidence shows that, just like American Airlines and The Dallas Morning News, the FBI is bowing to the pressures of the Israeli anti-Muslim agenda.

This is not an "attack" on Israel, this is a fact. The Israeli government is the only government agency placing terrorist labels on Muslim charities in the United States. And they are not just focused on The Holy Land Foundation. They have their targets on all Muslim charities and non-profit organizations, as well as some Muslim-owned businesses.

The United States government has never accused any Muslim charity (to our knowledge) of any wrong doing or any terrorist activity, to include fund raising for suspected terrorist groups. Yet, the FBI is targeting Muslims, fishing for information!

Isn't the FBI supposed to investigate real cases, not fish for cases or invent cases? Isn't the FBI suppose to protect Muslims too?!

Does the FBI now take their instructions from foreign governments and foreign agencies? Does the FBI really work for The United States of America? or do they work for Israel and The Dallas Morning News?

A question for the FBI: Why are you harassing the Muslim community?

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