Chomsky -- Put up or blah blah

Chris Doss itschris13 at
Tue Mar 28 11:43:05 PST 2000

>Chomsky's review played a much larger role everywhere than it should have,
>given that it consists mostly of slander, misinterpretations and

Really? What? Of always found Skinnerian behaviorism a bit laughable, but possibly I'm poorly informed.

> > Chomsky's followers have difficulty claiming much empirical basis for GG
> > haven't made any real progress in understanding the functioning of human
> > language on this basis.
>He has the unique distinction of having stymied progress not just in his
>field, but several others, including Psychology and Artificial

I'd thought ZERO progress had been made in AI. :) You can't possibly be blaming this all on NC, right?

>"Those who so triumphantly announce the death of behaviorism are announcing
>their own escape from the canons of scientific method." - B.F. Skinner

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