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Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Mar 29 13:14:02 PST 2000

>On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Brad De Long wrote:
>> >On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Brad De Long wrote:
>> >
>> >> >Maybe they recruited you as a sleeper while you were working on Wall
>> >> >St., kind of like the Viet-Cong did with McCain. ;)
>> >>
>> >> You've got it wrong. The Viet-Cong didn't recruit McCain.
>> >> McCain--acting as an agent for the founders-to-be of Nike--recruited
>> >> the Viet-Cong.
>> >>
>> >> Where else in the world today, after all, can they find such a
>> >> compliant and productive workforce with such effective gang-bosses?
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Brad DeLong
>> >Indonesia perhaps?
>> Real wages perhaps four times those of Vietnam today...
>> Brad DeLong
>Gosh Brad, I expect better than that from you. I mean, Indonesia, the
>country that has received so much in the way of US aid, WB loans,...and
>been relatively free of war for how many years now? I should hope its
>average wage was a bit highr than Vietnam's.

Pay more attention when you read, please.

I don't deny (though I wouldn't like to overstate) that U.S. development aid policy has helped Indonesia's economy (though not its polity) over the past two generations.

And because it has helped, it *is* the case that Vietnam today--not Indonesia--is Nike's dream production locations: extremely low wages, productive employees, and vicious labor gang bosses...

Brad DeLong

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