digital angel, technology that "cares"

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Thu Mar 30 07:16:57 PST 2000

Mark of the Beast! See books by raving lunatic, Texe Marrs. (Also the author of many other screeds in the Apocalyptic genre, as well as a hilarious one on Hillary as Marxist Lesbian From Hell. Title something like "Big Sister's Gonna Get Your Daddy! (Apologies to Julius Lester!) See the website of the Biometric Consortium, National Security Agency money being pumped into those silicon chips. The kwazy Xtians think Christian babies will get bar codes and those silicon tracking chips to make rounding them up in camps with those black helicopters, easier. After the UN NWO takes away all the guns of those god-fearing patriots in the NRA and GOA.

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