AI and human extinction

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Thu Mar 30 15:19:52 PST 2000

Well the Clinton administration has just pledged 500 million for nanotechnology research in the latest Economic Report of the President, so before we start worrying too much about the Terminator and Cyberdine Systems, perhaps we could think more about the Socialism of Investment with regards to incubating new technologies and whether we the public can secure some decent property rights before yet another bunch of weird stuff we paid for gets hailed as a gift of the free market


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> Subject: AI and human extinction
> Some of the recent discussions on this list (about
> linguistics and Mind/Body questions, as well as GM
> foods) have brought to mind the recent flap about Bill
> Joy's article in Wired (its at
>, in
> which he muses about the potential distructive effects
> of AI, Nanotech, and Genetics. I'd be interested in
> hearing what the people on this list think about it.
> Jim Baird
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