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Mon Oct 2 15:22:54 PDT 2000

Speaking of which, has anyone downloaded the new version of Eudora? (V.5). The mailboxes now contain an extra column that allows the program to label the "mood" of the writer (the software is called moodwatch) by associating little red chili peppers with the message. Soft, friendly exchanges between my friends and me Eudora has sometimes bitchily slapped with two red chilies; on LBO, recently, she gave the "fuckme pumps" post re: libertarian socialism one chili, but Kelley got no chilis for using the word "spank" in her previous post on that subject; Justin's eager response merited two... as did John Halle's post about Pollit on Nader, this Dick Armey post from Doug, and ChuckO's on spreading rumors. In that last one, d'you suppose it was "bullshit" or "brutality" that got the fickle mistress's cane?

Wonder what this post'll get...

Ho HO! I just got a thrillingly dominatrix message from Eudora when I hit the Send button: "Your message to "lbo-talk at" re: "Blocking the Dick Armey" is the sort of thing that might get your keyboard washed out with soap, if you get my drift. You might consider toning it down."

gasping in anticipation Jo

At 06:19 03-10-00, you wrote:
>[better late than never - pointed to by Sam Smith's Progressive Review]
>Wired news - September 28, 2000
>Hey Armey, You've Been Filtered
>by Joyce Slaton
>When Congressman Dick Armey (R-Texas) spoke up in favor of filtering
>software and other Net censorship measures, he probably didn't think it'd
>come back to bite him in the, um, ass.
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