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Mon Oct 2 17:56:30 PDT 2000

this was posted on the cypherpunks list. the respondent maintains that chomsky is well-known for misquoting or twisting quotes/sources. never heard that come up here in all our discussions... comments? cypherpunks is archived if you want more info.




> I've been reading Noam Chomsky's book on Kosovo and came across this

> quote from a Cabinet note written by Churchill in January 1914

> explaining the need for increased military expenditure (taken in

> turn from Clive Ponting's Churchill, 1994, P 132):


> "We are not a young people with an innocent record and a scanty

> inheritance. We have engrossed to ourselves an altogether

> disproportionate share of the wealth and traffic of the world. We

> have got all we want in territory, and our claim to be left in the

> unmolested enjoyment of vast and splendid possessions, mainly

> acquired by violence, largely maintained by force, often seems less

> reasonable to others than to us."

Chomsky is hardly a reliable source. He routinely fabricates or falsifies quotes. I suggest you check his alleged sources.

Chances are you will be unable to find his alleged source. In the unlikely event that you are able to find it, it will not say quite what Chomsky claims it said.



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