Probable Cause and Reasonable suspicion?

Tue Oct 3 14:44:09 PDT 2000

In part. But a Terry pat-down is a exploration for weapons only. And you can--I wrote a case like this--feel a guy's balls. that's pretty invasive. --jks

In a message dated Tue, 3 Oct 2000 5:33:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, James Baird <jlbaird3 at> writes:

<< > In the 60's in the case of Terry that Justin
> mentioned, the Supreme Court held that an officer
> who had stopped and frisked someone for a gun did
> not violate the Constitutional requirement , even
> though the officer only had a reasonable suspicion
> that the person had a gun and not full probable
> cause.
> They are word formulas, giving something of an
> illusion of objectivity, as the basis of standards
> of conduct.

Doesn't it have something to do with the invasiveness of the search, i.e. a pat-down only needs "reasonable suspicion" while going through the pockets requires "probable cause"?

Jim Baird

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