kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Wed Oct 4 09:43:17 PDT 2000

>Again marginal language games that are avoiding the analysis of internal
>democratic structures of organizations. Are no women or blacks capitalists
>and non-working class? A standard argument that is made against the NAACP
>and NOW is that they are "middle class" and don't reflect "real" black and
>women's issues.
>I'd have preferred that argument to this endless splitting of hairs on

crap nathan. pure, unadulterated crap. i expect impure crap from this list, typically. it's not a language game. what you type reeks of the notion that there is some set of "pure" working class interests divorced from those of gender and race. and, in doing so, you reinscribe the stereotypes of the working class and the assumption that somehow they don't, for example, benefit from, say, affirmative action policies.

>As for "appropriation" of peoples voices, that is exactly what is done when
>folks throw Nader up as the true voice of the working class, blacks, women
>and every other group, despite the fact that the elected leaders of mass
>organizations representing millions of those voices have refused to support

i recognize that. however, that you recognize it and that you use the same rhetoric in your return serve anyway, in some sort of game whereby each side shames the other side, is nonsense.

like i said, i expect new improved buy one get one free impure crap from this list.



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