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Feminist Economics invites submissions of papers, short exploratory thinking pieces and book reviews for a special issue on "Gender, Color, Caste and Class," to be published in Spring 2002. This issue is a joint project of the International Association for Feminist Economics and the National Economics Association. Guest editors are Rose Brewer (brewe001 at, Cecilia Conrad (cconrad at and Mary King (kingm at The deadline for submission of abstracts is January 1, 2001; initial papers will be due by April 1, 2001.

We encourage scholars from all disciplines to consider submitting an abstract for a paper on the evolving economic meaning of gender, color, caste and class in the lives of women around the world, and strategies for change. We hope to bring together a panel of contributors to this special issue at both the IAFFE meetings in Oslo during the summer of 2001 and the ASSA meetings in Atlanta in January 2002.

Economists have come relatively late to the necessity of studying the influence of gender, color, caste and class simultaneously, as these dynamics operate in combination both in the lives of individuals as well as in the larger economy. We hope to bring together the work emerging to illuminate the situation of particular groups of women to find out if we can offer new generalizations about the economic role of gender, color, caste and class. Can we usefully conceptualize the circumstances of women of different ethnicities in the developing world in the same way that we do in the advanced economies? Does a global perspective change our analysis of nationally defined questions? Which are the strategies with the greatest potential for economic progress for women of color?

While individuals papers may be narrowly focused, we are defining the scope of the special issue broadly to include work that

* is grounded in varied analytical and methodological approaches; * considers reproduction as well as production; * is comparative across nation or region; * may cast light on the similarities and differences in the effects on women of color, caste and class, as well as other economically important personal attributes such as religion, sexual orientation and legal status; * problematizes the categories of gender, color, caste and class; * is historical; * investigates geographical considerations such as urban/rural divides; * analyzes the role of popular culture in maintaining and challenging the economic impact of race, color, caste and class for women; * investigates the mechanisms by which the categories of color, caste and class achieve economic meaning in women's lives; and * focuses on strategic or policy questions.

Please submit an abstract to each of the three guest editors by e-mail by January 1, 2001. If you see this call for papers after that date, and are interested in submitting a paper, a short thinking piece or a book review for this special issue of Feminist Economics, please contact one of the guest editors as soon as possible. Papers should be submitted to the journal's editor, Diana Strassmann, following all standard procedures. For these, refer to a copy of the journal or visit the journal's web-site at **********************************************

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