Prez Debates - Round 1

kelley kwalker2 at
Wed Oct 4 14:06:33 PDT 2000

in other news, my kid asked me if i was going to vote. i said, "only if i can vote for joe noonan's dog turkey" i've not checked out FL's laws to see if write-ins are acceptable or what. at any rate, my kid reports that

d: "All the candidates SUCK, mom."

ma: "Is that what all the kids are saying?"

d: "Yeah and the stupid teachers too."

ma: "Oh"

d: "Ma, Ma, you know the other two guys who aren't really in it? Nader and that other guy.. I don't know his name. 1/2% are of the peopl in the poll are for Nader and for that other guy. That's sad."

ma: laughter. "Why is it sad."

d; "I don't know, it's just sad. I don't know, it's just not right. They're not even close. It's just sad."

ma: "So who won"

d: "Bush did."

ma: "really?"

d: "Al Gore won in florida's poll. It's sad. Ma, why aren't you voting for one of those other guys? What's the point of voting for Turkey?"

ma: "Because d, it all sucks."

*sigh* well, i guess explaining why i'd vote for Turkey is easier than explaining to him when he was 6 why i don't believe in god.

thing is, after his best friend died this summer, he believes in god.


any more intriguing reports/news from other parents on the list?


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