The debate (gore buckling on pro-choice??)

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> > The only surprise to me was that Gore was emphatically more bellicose in
> > terms of foreign policy than W. Other than that -- boring.
> the surprise for me was -- did i HEAR this right?? -- gore offering to
> sign a bill banning so-called "partial-birth abortions" (with some caveats
> about exceptions for the health of the mother)... or has gore been saying
> this all along, and i'm so out of touch i didn't know about it?? what the
> hell??

If I recall correctly, and bear in mind that I'm viewing this from across the World's Largest Undefended Border (tm), that's been the Democratic position on late-term abortion all along.

It's a sham compromise, since nearly every late-term abortion involves health reasons, and there aren't all that many - a few dozen across the US every year? a few hundred? He's not risking anything by giving that away. Legislatively it's a gamble, but I believe that a bill with adequate latitude for health reasons is rather unlikely to survive the House and Senate.


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