Nader Wins the Debate

Brad DeLong delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 5 14:56:09 PDT 2000

>On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Doug Henwood wrote:
>> Marco Anglesio wrote:
>> >I wouldn't give too much credence to an individual poll. Zogby-Reuters Oct
>> >2-4 has Nader at 7%, while Gallup Oct 1-3 has Nader at 2%. A candidate
>> >scoring low is apt to appear to fluctuate more strongly, but that's merely
>> >because they're scoring low in the first place and therefore any gain or
>> >loss in a poll is a massive gain or loss.
>> The variations may also have to do with how they weight "likely
>> voters." What if a lot of Nader supporters are young and/or former
> > nonvoters?

Which is why I hate them! I loathe them! They provide *no* *information* about what they think a likely voter is!

Brad DeLong

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