California High Court Trims Workers' Rights

Tom Lehman TLehman at
Fri Oct 6 19:05:12 PDT 2000

Maybe someone could tell us about the California Supreme Court. How many judges, their political affiliation etc.etc.

In Ohio the two most consistently pro-labor, pro-people supreme court judges are a Republican gentleman and a democrat green woman. The corporations are really out to get the lady this time; she has bi-partisan corporate enemies.

I've got a state appeals court judge in this area that I like; although being Irish in this area won't help him very much.

Btw, I remember Sam Radman from when I was a kid. Sam wouldn't let me out of his store unless I bought something. His sons are gentlemen clothiers. Sam was a pistol.


radman wrote:

> California High Court Trims Workers' Rights
> In a decision that gives businesses greater latitude in reducing their
> workforces, the California Supreme Court ruled yesterday that an employer
> can fire an employee if the company has a legitimate business reason to do
> so. The decision is widely regarded as the most important workplace ruling
> in a dozen years, establishing guidelines for when an employer can fire an
> employee. Employers say the ruling will give them more leeway in firing
> employees as a legitimate means of cutting costs and increasing profits.
> (10-6-00)
> From the San Francisco Chronicle
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> .

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