California High Court Trims Workers' Rights

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Fri Oct 6 21:21:18 PDT 2000

On 07-Oct-00 Tom Lehman wrote:
> Mike---Aren't they elected out in California?
> Tom

No. They are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state senate.

In a ballot initative, the Rose Bird court was put up for a recall vote. Everybody but Stanley Mosk was turned out. It is the county court judges that are elected.

After the recall initative passed, the repugnants made the replacement appointments, stacking the court with scum. The death penal stays were just a tumpted up charge by the Right to get the liberals out of the court.

Now the governor could get off his ass and work with the legislature and re-write the employment regulations and pass them and in effect over turn this decision as well as help to institutionalize union gains.

But I am not holding my breath. The privatization of public utilities is another controversy that needs attention too, but is in some kind of limbo.

Chuck Grimes

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