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Jim heartfield jim at
Sun Oct 8 14:52:43 PDT 2000

I see now the law of diminishing returns in this exchange. The subject was never Rwanda, Milosevic or 'the left', but Ego O'Casey's own overwhelming interest, himself. Those piles of corpses were never of any real interest to Nut Casey except as backdrop to his own mediocre attempt at self-dramatising pomposity. May he and his ego be very happy together.

The relevant parts of Ego's mail being the following succession of smug self-indulgence:

In message <33.b2512c9.2711c288 at>, LeoCasey at writes
>Ah, the righteous anger of the masses at such
>depravity on my part looms: I can see the mass mobilization for "Casey Out"
>before my eyes right now.
>my political lineage is straight

> Indeed,
>I if I may

> I am not
> But I digress, and
>should return to my unsophisticated

>the tradition where I found a political
>home for a time [if I was labelled

-- James Heartfield

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