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> << 1) The core philosophical texts of 'Determinism' are ... ? >>
> Jesus, it's been a long time since I thought of this stuff. In early
> modern
> philosophy there is de la Mettrie's Man a Machine; Hume discusses
> the
> compatibilist line. Kant's practical philosophy is a prolonged
> attempt to
> wriggle out from under the implications of hard determinism. In
> modern times,
> John Hospers wrote a detense of hard determinism, as has, more
> recently, Ted
> Honderich (called, I think, determinism).

It was *A Theory of Determinism*. BTW Ted Honderich now has his own personal website ( with plenty of material concerning his views on this and other philosophical matters. Also, my friend Tom Clark has a website ( with discussions on determinism and its philosophical, moral, and social policy implications.

> There's a classic collection, now rather old, Free Will and
> Determinism, ed.
> Bernard Berofsky (Harper 1966): Sidney Hook has an anthology from
> the same
> vintage. More recently there is a little collection in the Oxford
> Readings in
> Philosophy series called Free Will, I forget the editor. Richard
> Taylor, in
> his Metaphysics, Prentice Hall, as an important view. \\

Honderich it should be pointed out has a short book *How Free Are You? The Determinism Problem* which presents his main arguments concerning determinism and free will.

Jim Farmelant
> This is all free will and determinism stuff. For What Is
> Determinism, and if
> you are into heavy going, John Earman, a brilliant philosopher of
> physics,
> has a book called Determinsim, discusses whether classical mechnaics
> is
> deterministic. Or are you interested in __historical_ determinism?
> --jks

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