Modern John Brown: Herbert Aptheker

Michael Yates mikey+ at
Tue Oct 10 17:54:41 PDT 2000

I agree with Charles Brown. To sum up Herbert Aptheker's life in so meager a way is really disgraceful, and to cite the odious Radosh (another in a long line of persons who have achieved a modicum of wealth and fame by repudiating thier radical past, something that takes no courage at all)is worse still.

Michael Yates

Charles Brown wrote:
> From: Michael Pugliese <debsian at>
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> To say a word in Aptheker's defense, at least he joined CofC after the
> 1991 CPUSA convention debacle. And he helped to raise a fine daughter who
> teaches a very popular "Intro to Feminism" class at UCSC.
> Michael Pugliese
> Herbert Aptheker The Strange Case of
> Comrade Aptheker: Laureate of Stalinism
> | October 4, 2000
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> CB: Speak for yourself. Herbert needs no defense from you.

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