FWD: Noam Chomsky on Milosevic Ouster / Oct 12

Brad DeLong delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 12 09:42:37 PDT 2000

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>Comments on the Milosevic Ouster, etc.
>By Noam Chomsky
>A number of people in the ZNet forum system and elsewhere
>have raised questions about the prominent role they see
>assigned to US-NATO in the flood of commentary on recent
>events in Yugoslavia, "gloating over the victory of the
>opposition in Yugoslavia--as if that affirms the NATO
>bombing" (as one puts it). Others have noticed a similar
>focus with an opposite emphasis: denunciations of US
>violence and subversion for the overthrow of an independent
>Serb government in favor of Western clients. I've been asked
>for my own reaction. What follows is an amalgam of several
>It's surely right that publicly the Clinton-Blair
>administrations are "gloating" over the outcome,

The Clinton-Blair administrations are happy privately as well...

Brad DeLong

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