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Most of them are common currency now.


CB: Most of what is common currency on race now is racist or invalid as anti-racist theory. What are some of Myrdal's special insights ?


A great deal of the book is concrete empirical research, establishing the factaul terrain in ways that had not been done. The book went a long way to deflating the US's claim to be a place with liberty and justice for all in the mid last century.

And what are Herb A's insights that are so much deeper? I mean, I have actually read them both. Have you?


CB: I read some Myrdal as an undergrad, but not too thoroughly because he was not up to speed of the other people on the subject. I don't remember any special empircial proofs that we didn't already know. What are you referring to ? What facts about racism did he tell us that we didn't aready know ?


Herb is OK, a decent if somewhat pedestrian historian;


CB: He'd probably say the same thing about you.

his heart in the right place; his reserach is merely adequate. He's not a great scholar or first class intellect like DuBois, but I guess he wouldn't claim to be.


CB: Takes one to know one.

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If it were true, which it is not, they would be fools. Myrdal's book is a great classic of sociology. I think he had great insights into race in America. You don't have to be radical to have insights (though it helps).


CB: What were those great insights ?


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