Said on American Zionism

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> >>From a pure U.S. imperialist standpoint, the Israeli's
> >seem to stir up more trouble than they're worth. The
> >only explanation I can come up with is the power of
> >the Zionist lobby - but that makes me sound like a
> >neo-nazi fulminating about vast Jewish conspiracies.
> Well, it *is* the only democracy in the region, and when you compare
> even a Binyamin Netanyahu to a Hafez Assad there does seem to be a
> very clear difference.
> Brad DeLong
Ah, yes, the iron law of U.S. foreign relations: We always support the democracies.

Which regime is more democratic, Iran's or Egypt's? Now guess which one is under U.S. sanctions and which one is the 2nd largest recipient of U.S. aid?


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