debates was guilty / innocent was debates

Ted Winslow winslow at
Mon Oct 16 05:58:08 PDT 2000

Ken wrote:

>The unconscious knows things in a
> way that the conscious self does not...

How do you know this?

>> Also, most of us experience life as beings having a single unitary
>> consciousness, so that theories of an active, ego-like (agential?)
>>and multiple speakers within the self may be suspected to be artifacts of
>> analysis rather than theories based firmly in the empirical.
> Well, if you're saying that psychobabble simply makes things up... there is a
> tremendous amount of clinical evidence that points to the contrary...

This presupposes a subject for whom evidence can point to something, doesn't it? For whom can evidence point to the non-existence of any subject for whom evidence could point?

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