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> Oh, James, James. Do you too buy into the silly idea that my right to buy a
> .357 or even an AR-14 protects me against tyranny, that the Michigan Militia
> would stand a chance against the 101st Airborne if it came to that? --jks

You mischaracterize the mechanisms of this kind of resistance. There are only two places where technology and raw numbers are a likely measure of success in battle - the air and the sea.

On the ground, other factors are much more important. Consider Vietnam, where a small, highly mobile, group of civilian militias eluded the superior US forces. Revolutionary battles never occur in a political vaccuum, and if you think that 101st Airborne wouldn't have defectors when ordered to fire on the Michigan Militia think again.


CB: Yea, but the Detroit Militia might be shooting at the Michigan Militia.

( And we got AK's)

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