guns & purses (was Re: guns & crime)

Tue Oct 17 13:51:29 PDT 2000

People will have their "Red dawn" fantasies about the NLF, but in fact the NLF was destroyed by 1968, largely by a very effective counterinsurgency operation (Operation Phoenix). The war was won by North Vietnamese regular soldiers. Galbriel Kolko has extablished this pretty much beyond doubt. And the NLF lasted as long as it because it had the support of the regulars and the USSR. Who is gonna support the Michigan Militia or the Detroit Militia in its battle against the US military? Be serious. Grow up. This is my last word on the subject: there is no point arguing with the Second Amendment crowd, They are not pervious to reason. --jks

<< > On the ground, other factors are much more
> important. Consider Vietnam,
> where a small, highly mobile, group of civilian
> militias eluded the
> superior US forces. Revolutionary battles never
> occur in a political
> vaccuum, and if you think that 101st Airborne
> wouldn't have defectors when
> ordered to fire on the Michigan Militia think again.

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