guns & purses (was Re: guns & crime)

martin schiller mschiller at
Tue Oct 17 15:42:45 PDT 2000

JKSCHW at said on 10/17/00 12:51 PM

>They are not pervious to reason. --jks

Carroll said something earlier in the thread about reason, also. That he would exclude arguments from the table that were not reasonable. But by whose reason?

Some of us reason that the 2nd amendment is a symbol of the spirit of responsibility that attaches to citizenship. It's the legal basis for activism as well as a framework for ethical beliefs.

Perhaps there will come a time for more drum beating and less gum-beating. Perhaps not. But to have elected officials and legal professionals demeaning the symbol is troubling. Certainly it doesn't take a rhodes scholar to see that neither the rights of hunters or freedom to protect your home are at issue. It's much more important.

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