Gore, budget-cutter...

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Wed Oct 18 11:15:03 PDT 2000

Lovely . . .

Financial Times - October 18, 2000

Gore 'to cut government more than Bush' By Peronet Despeignes in Washington

A top economic adviser to Al Gore's presidential campaign claimed on Tuesday that the vice-president would reduce the size of government by more than his rival, George W. Bush.

Laura D'Andrea Tyson, who previously served as chief economic adviser to the Clinton administration and is now dean of the business school at the University of California at Berkeley, said on Tuesday that a good measure of government's size and economic influence was its debt.

Laura Tyson, meet James Buchanan. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. They already confirmed Doug's buddy Jude Wanniski's explanation of the Great Depression (it was the Smoot-Hawley tariff, didn't you know), and Charles Murray's analysis of poverty.

The logic here is that the greater one's negative net worth, the more power accrues. Hence if the Gov divests itself of liabilities or accumulates assets, it weakens itself. On the bright side, this means my pathetic financial condition is steering me towards the pinnacle of strength. Anthony Robbins, call our office.

She would never get away with this if that Brad DeLong were still alive . . .

Are you sure you wanna vote for this . . . oh never mind.


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