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Charles Brown wrote:

What's so hard to see about the fact that a People will never accept a status of permanent subordination, and on the land that their ancestors have been for a long time ? Isn't history a history of class struggles exactly because peoples never accept permanent oppression and exploitation ?

-That is the central question. That is why the situation is so unstable and dangerous, -but the main forces involved are reactionary in their objectives. While Israel (in- -cluding the Labour Party) wants to make some concessions to keep the essence of the -status quo, many Palestinians want their state as a Israel in reverse. As Trotsky -said, "former opressed nations became the worst opressors once they reach fredom" -(other poor translation from Portuguese, correct me if I´m wrong". This was proved -true for the Israelis and probably will be true for an eventual Palestinian state. -But I would like to mention another importatnt question. How will the Arab people -react to those incidents. In Middle East we have a miriad of dictatorships supported -by USA, with economy in ruins and very poor living standards. Aren´t those regimes -unstable too? The "soft" stance of those governments towards Israel could increase -peoples unrest?

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