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I am thinking of District Judge Sam Cummings, who just came out with ridiculous pro-gun decision, not on this issue. But the Fifth Circuit adheres to the view wveryone else adheres to. See United States v. Williams, 446 F.2d 486, 487 (5th Cir. 1971); acord United States v. Broussard 80 f.3d 1025, 1041 (5th Cir. 1041)(also ruling out a 9th amendment basis for the individual right to bear arms).

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>Yeah. I follow those burly miscreants, the S.Ct. The opinion clearly
>the constitutional right to bear arms to "the militias the stateswere
>expected to maintain and train." 307 US at 178. There is some further
>discussionof the original meaning, which is intended to illuminate the text,
>but even in a McReynolds opinion, the New Deal Court wasn't originalist. The
>militias the states maintain and train ina modern context are the National
>Guard. There is not a federal court outside of certain judges in Texas who
>will say different. --jks

But there are differences within the federal courts? These judges in Texas? That's interesting. A lot of the artists that I've grown up with have made home in that state, and for the brief period of time I spent there around '75, it felt like it had fairly spiritual roots. That rather surprised me as common wisdom in NE had been that Tejas was a foreign land. It was different. Around Austin, anyway. Rather more tolerant than I had expected - I can be a test.


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