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Thu Oct 19 10:48:23 PDT 2000

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000 JKSCHW at wrote:

> The S.Ct may change its mind, but until then, that's the law. If you
> don't believe me, try it in court. --jks

Already being done. US v. Emerson in the 5h Circuit Appeals Court. Emerson was charged with owning a gun while being under a restraining order (a federal crime), and he appealed the conviction based upon the fact that a restraining order is not due process, and therefore this laws violates his right to own guns. The position of the DoJ is that there is no personal right to own guns, so no right was violated, so the due process issue is moot. The 5th Circuit did not appear convinced of that argument (it is the 5th Circuit after all) according to reports I've read of the hearing, but as far as I know a decision hasn't been given yet. If Emerson gets his appeal, it will be interesting if the DoJ has the guts to take this case before the SCotUS. IMNSHO neither the gun-grabbers nor the billion-doallar-business that is the NRA have any desire to actually get the issue resolved.


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