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A lot of reputable information has come out questioning the official version of what happened at Racak. Here are a few good sources:

A documentary by CBC Radio called "The Road to Racak." I participated in the panel discussion afterward, along with a former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia.



A Berliner Zeitung investigative article. The reporters got a hold of a leaked copy of the official forensic report.

A good translation of the article is on a lunatic pro-Milosevic website:



And for background on the US shenannigans around the OSCE observers, headed by William Walker, who promoted the massacre theory, read the Times of London article posted to Emperor's Clothes:



Seth Ackerman

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> In this regard, it is still being stubbornly advocated that the Racak
> massacre of January this year, in which Serbian police executed 45
> villagers, didn't really occur. The latest issue of Covert Action
> Quarterly(Spring-Summer 1999) still talks of "an alleged massacre in the
> village of Racak". (5) Gregory Elich, "Carving another Slice from
> Yugoslavia". (Text)
> Michael Pugliese

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