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Thu Oct 19 22:20:57 PDT 2000

Rather than cut and paste the entire Kostunica talk, go to posting # 59 is the entire Kostunica talk. Or Other folks on this listserv, esp. Mario Profaca (see his website , have good posts. On Profaca his SPYNEWS listserv has lotsa great stories culled from the press.

For some ideologically diverse folks on matters Serbian see

On the Lord Byron Foundation, a recent issue of the Larouche rag, the New Federalist, in the letters to the editor section, slammed them. All I know is one of their poobahs, Srjda Trifkovic, was a spokesperson for Radovan Karazdic in the mid-90's. The Balkan Peace org. website until recently has a Real Audio clip of Trifkovic raving about the Freemasons and the NWO multiculti nightmare. At the same conference addressed by Michel Chossudovsky in 1999. Must have been too embarrassing to keep on the website? Here are the others.

Michael Pugliese

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