Is this serious or a joke?

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>I'm so over ironied that I can't tell about this sort of shit
>any more.

I don't know and I didn't look that carefully, but the passages, below, caught my eye. The first mentions MOVE in the same sentence as WACO. The second is anti-sexist.

"The Washington monster not only uses economic methods to control its enslaved population, recently the monster has started to use the same methods as old style despots. We saw the murder of black Move Activists in Philadelphia by the monster's storm troopers, the system's gestapo hunted white separatist Gordon Kaohol and killed him like an animal and then the B.A.T.F. goons murdered the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX "on a mission of mercy." Then in 1996 we saw the revolt of the Freemen against the monster in Montana."

"An earth united under a benevolent New World Order will be able to end national strife because the nation-state will be replaced by a "United Earth Government." We will be able to end racial bigotry because in the New Age a man will be judged by what is in his heart and mind, not the color of his skin. Sexist discrimination will end because as people embrace more and more of the pagan philosophy the patriarchical system promoted by Judeo-Christianity will simply wither and die like grapes on the vine after the first frost of Fall"

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