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> >No, what I said is "By the very nature of genetics we all start out with
> >differing chances of success". How do you read this as "People in other
> >countries are genetically inferior to us?" (shaking head).
> you have to define what "success" is here. what do you mean by that?
> the good looking macho jock had all the dates and opportunities
> to get laid
> last night while you typed away to a listserv about the survival of the
> fittest. you said yourself that, despite geeks being hot, sexy, chic and
> all the rage, you *still* can't get laid. so, jockbuoy hogs all the
> resources--babes--and gets laid waaaaaaaaay more than you do.
> how exactly
> do you explain that one? are you just a loser? a moron? ugly? lacking
> social graces? chew w. your mouth open while farting at a
> hurricane? (hi
> rob!)

I'm not even reading the rest of the post since I'm expecting similar high-school bantering. When you want to refrain from cheap (and come on, these arn't even worthy of a "yo mamma is so ugly..." come back) we can discuss further.

If you really must know though, I went through a very heart-wrenching breakup sometime ago and decided to get out of the "game" for a while while I finished school and now I'm working on a project/business idea that takes up most of my free time. Can I go out and get a date, yes. I just don't want to put in the effort/time a relationship requires at this point in my life. Not that the choices I make with my personal life are really any of your business to be dragged out as personal attack.

I see this is a really long post you made too...don't it just infuriate you that I aint gonna see any of it? :)

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