Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Mon Oct 23 07:35:18 PDT 2000

At 02:12 PM 10/23/00 +0000, Justin quoted someone saying:
>. Call me a cold-hearted fuck, but
>>unless I find benefit (other than quelling a guilty soul) I see no reason
>>sacrifice for the benefit of others.

I have one question to all the self-styled utilitarians and rat-choicers lurking on this list.

How many times have engaged in the following easy to do self-rewarding activities listed below:

1) never 2) from time to time 3) whenever I can get away with it

- stealing money and other property from your employer or client when nobody could see you - stealing money and other property from your parents or siblings while they were away - stealing stuff from your neighbors while they are not looking - lifting merchandise in a department store - snaching money away from a kid waiting in an ice-cream line - snaching the purse from an old lady leaving a bank - stealing money your kids got from their grandparentd - snatching a pan from a panhandler on a wheelchair - snaching a donation jar from a church - running over pedestrians while in a hurry for work - leaving a restaurant without paying or tipping - driving away from the pump without paying - fucking your sibling's spouse you find attractive - fucking your own daughter or son - arranging to kill someone at your work to speed up your promotion - arranging to kill or beat up your bosss to avoid being sacked

If your answer is (3) then you are a true utilitarian; otherwise, you are probably a suburban college-processed wimp in search of a tough but not-too-thuggish-looking identity and image, and swallowing the crap that the culture industry and government spoon-feed you.


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