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Mon Oct 23 08:56:18 PDT 2000

--- Matt Cramer <cramer at> wrote: > [this is 3, so any replies will be stifled until
> tomorrow]
> On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Doug Henwood wrote:
> > >The US is predominately made up of thoughtless
> robots, programmed for mass
> > >consumption and rote work.
> >
> > Good thing you escaped this fate! What do you
> attribute this lucky
> > outcome to? Genes? Wit? Bad socialization?
> Anyway, you are really asking "how does one become
> deconditioned", and
> maybe more importantly "how does one KNOW if they
> are deconditioned",
> right?

I think a more interesting question might be: "How come the 'deconditioned', having deconditioned themselves, independently and self-determinedly, manage to take on a set of ideas which are perfectly acceptable to the ruling class, don't challenge the existing hierarchy, recognise private property in its current distribution, and only rebel at all in the matter of wanting a few chemicals to be legalised, demanding to keep guns to defend their property, and wishing the rate of income tax was a bit lower?"

For a bunch of young soul rebels standing outside the conventions of the "sheeple", you libertarians look awfully conventional and unthreatening to me .... fnord, as they say, fnord.


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