Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Oct 23 09:00:03 PDT 2000

Rob Schaap wrote:

>BTW, that Survivor bloke (the can-do All-American optimist and
>never-self-doubting schemer) came over here to take part in a 'who wants to
>be a millionaire' quiz game, and apparently got his awesome self cut in the
>first round coz he couldn't do arithmetic. Makes ya wonder what sort of
>intelligence is in fact rewarded in the war of all against all, eh?

Humans got along fine for millennia without counting, much less arithmetic, much less calculus. Just think of all the bad uses to which math has been put. Why you could argue that modern accounting was invented on slaveships, and so is stained from the first. And then there's The Bomb! No E=MC^2, no nukes. So maybe our innumerate hero is really the avatar of a new, better society!


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