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Tue Oct 24 05:51:25 PDT 2000

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Miles Jackson wrote:

> The belief in the sovereign individual
> who owns stuff is, if I may be dramatic, the psychological lynchpin of
> a capitalistic economic system that systematically transfers wealth
> from the workers to the elite.

Please bear with me for a moment. Complete abolishment of private property? That is desireable?

My problem here is that in a world of limited resources, you CAN'T completely abolish private property. Until we reach a point of technological advance where we have unlimited energy and resources, there are always going to be people who, through luck or force, control those resources.

Private property is liberty in the sense that there is a certain type of property which people honour without the threat of force behind it (ignoring the truly criminal element, which are a different problem). Private property is theft in the sense that the property is only honoured with the threat of force (of a state) behind it.

Much misery is caused by confusing these two types of properties. Objectivists confuse the latter with the former, and I'm afraid many leftists confuse the former with the latter.


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