Palestinian non-violence

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Sure King's nonviolence campaign helped put the white elite in the South on the defensive. Those images of fire hoses turned loose on churchgoing, hymn-singing protestors and dogs savaging kids drove nails into the coffin the the "Southern way of life." Btw, nonviolence, as gandhi and King knewwell, is a misnomer--it involves provoking violence from your opponents, and horrifying third parties by having the scum savage the protestors. That;s the dynamic. It probably would not work in Palestine, because no one outside the Arab world cares about Palestinians. --jks

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>Max Sawicky wrote:
>>It doesn't matter whether the Palestinians think what
>>they are doing is non-violent. What matters is what
>>others think. N-V is a political act aimed at changing
>>the minds of others. If others are not impressed,
>>you're doing it wrong.
>Does nonviolence depend in part on the exhaustion of your opponents?
>Wasn't the British empire near the end of its life in India? In the
>U.S. south, wasn't the local elite under attack from the federal
>government and national opinionmakers? Israel, however, seems in a
>most uncompromising mood, and has forever.
>Or am I reading history wrong?

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