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Tue Oct 24 20:27:41 PDT 2000

John O. Sweety, George and a gaggle of AFL-CIO worthies are due here on November 2nd as part of a mid-west gotv bus tour. First stop is a manufacturing plant that employs 880 Steelworkers and is scheduled to be shutdown and the work moved to Mexico & elsewhere.(seriously).

I told George many months ago to take the Greens seriously. Here in Ohio the Greens have enough potential candidates for jobs like county sherriff, county engineer, county prosector and judge to make things interesting.


Nathan Newman wrote:

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> > > > You only need to look at the German Greens to understand how an
> American
> > > > version will turn out.
> >This isn't Germany and the social conditions here are different than in
> >Europe so how can you be so certain the U.S. version will turn out the
> same.
> >(The answer is...... You CAN'T!)
> >John Thornton
> Of course it will be different in the US. Especially if the Greens get the
> 5%, we have a good model for the likely outcome - the Reform Party, where
> the takeover of the party by ruthless sectarians converted a goo-goo
> budget-balancing party into a fascist conservative vehicle. Workers World,
> Fulani's folks and a range of other groups are no doubt licking their chops
> in anticipation of taking over Green chapters across the country come 2004
> in that case.
> -- Nathan Newman

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