it's heating up

Chuck0 chuck at
Wed Oct 25 10:54:37 PDT 2000

Nathan Newman wrote:

> Those who think a Nader "spoiler" role will be an argument for the Dems
> moving left will be sorely mistaken. DLC types in the party will actually
> be able to use the Nader campaign as a handy scapegoat. And a heck of a lot
> of unionists, environmentalists and womens groups will join in the attack.
> My guess is that such a Nader success will probably kill any potential union
> support for the Greens or other third party efforts in a lot of areas.

Nathan's political naivete remind me of a scene in "Goldfinger" when James Bond is about to be sliced in half by Goldfinger's laser. Bond plaintively asks, "Do you expect me to talk?" Goldfinger responds with, "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!"

In this case, Nathan doesn't understand thay many people would like to see the Democratic Party die a slow painful death. I don't think any of them expect to move the Democratic Party to the left, or reform it, or whatever. Even before Clinton moved the Dems to the right, it was still a party not that different than the Republicans. After 20 years of Reagan-Bush-Clinton, I hope you can understand why people gravitate to Nader and the Green Party.

There's an asteroid moving towards the Earth and the Democratic and Republican dinosaurs graze on, oblivious to the changes that are about to overcome them.


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