Nader a factor in 160 electoral votes; clumps of tired liberals

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Oct 25 13:16:33 PDT 2000

[from Sam Smith's Progressive Review; most of the stories Sam identifies as "following" have already been posted here, so his excerpts aren't included]


Bush is slipping but still leading in the popular vote and holding his own in the electoral count

We have added a line in our electoral vote chart that shows with how many votes Nader is a critical factor. Right now Bush is ahead with a point spread of 89, but Nader is a critical factor in 160 votes.



The Gore organization is moving -- as the CIA likes to say -- to destabilize the Nader campaign. Clumps of tired old liberals of the sort that still read the Nation have started turning up on Naderites' doorsteps like so many Jehovah Witnesses offering redemption -- only with Gore talking points instead of the Bible. Also spotted lurking about: Cody Shearer, the Peter Lorre of the Clinton cult and sometime associate of Terry Lenzner, head of the White House dirty clothes squad and a specialist in refuse evaluation and dumpster diving.

The following stories indicate that Nader has now been added to a long list of things Gore thinks America needs to be scared about as Gore's campaign goes into full Halloween ghost'n'goblin mode with no little help from friendly media.

Still to be determined: whether the Gore operation will launch a full slash and burn effort against Nader, including a last minute attack that pro-Gore media will hype but Nader won't get time or space to answer. Remember that Gore was the first to use Willie Horton as a campaign weapon.

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