Tech Salary Survey

Mikalac Norman S NSSC MikalacNS at NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL
Thu Oct 26 06:55:27 PDT 2000

the DOL Occupational Outlook Handbook (bulletin 2520) has salaries for every job classification, including IT types. DOL also has historical info on all job classifications by all kinds of subgroupings going way back. DOC has similar data too. i looked up the wage stats by county in their 10-year economic surveys when i wanted convincing evidence that the "rust belt" counties had eroded per capita income in the period 1954 to 1994. (per capita always increased in the rust belt, but less than the national average, implying it was above average elsewhere).

2520 shows these median annual earnings data for 1998:

computer systems analysts-----$52,180 computer engineers------------$61,910 computer support specialists--$37,120 dbase administrators----------$47,980 all other---------------------$46,670

above data available by industry and US location too.

computer programmers----------$47,550

(this in a separate category)


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Are there recommendations on where I might be able to find salary survey information for computer jobs for 1998 - 2000? I am digging around and looking for some resources I may be missing (e.g. govt. reports, articles, etc.).

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